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Feed Your Sign

By Elana Iaciofano • March 19, 2019

Ever wonder what ingredients and flavor best suit your sign? Well, we figured it out for you!  We've matched up some of our favorite recipes with the astrological signs in this handy guide to eating with YOUR stars in mind.


Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer


You are ambitious, adventurous, and challenging. Since you’re a Fire sign, you like some spice in your food.

You’re fond of meaty apps and BBQ, with chili and cayenne flavors. These Phillipine Spicy Chicken Wings have the spice to match your attitude, plus a touch of sweetness…. Because, let’s face it—you’re not ALL heat!


You’re strong, dependable, and stubborn. You enjoy the finer things in life but as an earth sign you value comfort and stability.

You’re a sucker for comfort foods like a classic pasta dish. This Pasta Aglio-Olio is perfect for you. It’s topped with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, parsley, and lemon zest. Is your mouthwatering yet?


You’re quick witted, dynamic, and restless. As an air sign, you’re adventurous with foods and love trying new things. You’re intellectual sign, so fresh foods like fruits and vegetables help keep your brain going!

This Beet and Citrus salad is bright, colorful, and packed with the nutrition you need.


You’re intuitive, nurturing, and sensitive. As a water sign ruled by the moon, you’re tough on the outside but a big softie on the inside. You love comforting foods, but you’re particularly fond of sweets, especially if chocolate is involved!

This Chocolate blackout cake is the perfect decadent treat to indulge in!

Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio


You’re generous, loyal, and protective. You’re a fire sign so you’re bold and intense, and when it comes to food you prefer those bold flavors. You’re a lion and you eat like one too, you want your meals gourmet and fit for a king!

This Spicy Shrimp Capellini is the dish for you! It’s lavish and full of flavor without being complicated.


You’re analytical, practical, and reliable. You’re an earth sign, so practical meals with simple ingredients are your forte. Health and nutrition are what’s important when it comes to your diet and your favorites are salads, dark leafy greens, veggies, tomatoes, and fish.

This Whole Wheat Pasta Buddha Bowl is no-frills, nutritious, and tasty.


You’re diplomatic and social. And as an air sign you want your food to be sophisticated, nutritious, and also simple. Light, balanced dishes with subtle flavors are what you crave.

This Grilled Salmon Cesar Salad hits all those notes and will keep you Librans healthy, well-balanced and satisfied.


You’re magnetic, passionate, and possessive. As a water sign, you’re extremely intuitive and imaginative. You love playing with intense ingredients and complex instructions.

This Croque Madame Mini Pizza is just that. It involves a few extra cooking steps for a challenge that totally pays off in flavor.

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


You’re free spirited, generous, and idealistic. You’re a fire sign so you love adventure when it comes to food and trying new things! Global flavors, outlandish foods, and dishes that can be prepared outside like BBQ are your go-to.

This Grilled Steak with Spiced Coffee Rub is perfect, as it delivers the spice and richness you crave.


You’re ambitious, realistic, and disciplined. You’re an earth sign, so you want your meals to be healthy, delicious, and straight forward. But it’s also got to be nourishing so you can continue being the productive being that you are.

This Kale Pesto Cavatappi Pasta is everything you need. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and YES it’s delicious too!


You’re independent, inventive, and aloof. You’re an air sign so you’re constantly thinking about new ideas – especially in the kitchen. You’re intrigued by foodie trends, off beat flavor combos, and foods that keep your mind and body healthy.

This Korean Risotto Bowl with Crispy Tofu is the recipe that will satisfy your curious taste buds…at least for now!


You’re creative, kind, and sensitive. You’re a water sign, so you lean towards recipes that are dreamy, creative, and nostalgic.

This Butternut Squash and Mushroom Miso Soup is light and comforting. It combines a hint of sweetness with salty miso broth for a dish that is inventive and satisfying.

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