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Eat the Colors of Pride

By Sabrina Tibbetts • May 28, 2019

In honor of NYC Pride, we have hand selected some of our favorite recipes that represent the colors of the rainbow and the pride flag! At Colavita we encourage you to eat the way you love, in color!

Red is bold and passionate, it’s the color of tomatoes, the star of most dishes. We have a few delicious recipes to share, comforting Chicken Parm Sandwich, Red Lentil Soup, Summer Tomato Sphagetti, to Spicy Shrimp Capellinii. Tomatoes are rich in flavor and they mean business! Use them wisely and let their flavor shine. We’ve got our best tomato dishes here for you to try, so eat up.

Orange is energy and vitality! It’s the color of some of the healthiest ingredients like carrots, oranges, and even the spice turmeric. Fuel up with this color and enrich your mind and body with the best of the best, from a refreshing Beet and Citrus Salad to Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs, Sun Dried Tomato Hummus, and Pumpkin Waffles. YUM. YUM. YUM!

Yellow is is light and cheerful. Incorporate that bright lemon flavor into your life and into your palate with these fresh and tasty recipes. We've got a mouth watering Orzo and Corn Salad drizzled with a tangy lemon vinaigrette, a hearty Falafel Buddha Bowl, or give your taste buds some sweetness with a zing and try our Meyer Lemon Budino or Lemon Olvie Oil Crinkle Cookies.

Green is healing and lush, it’s the color of life! Nourish yourself with leafy greens so you can stay strong and healthy. Greens don’t have to taste bad, we’ve featured some of our tastiest green dishes from Kale Pesto Cavatappi to a fresh Asparagus and Edamame Salad. Try something advetourous with this savory Pesto and Ricotta Crepe or Parmesan Shaved Brussel Sprouts.

Blue is tranquility and balance. Look no further than blueberries, they’re sweet but not too sweet and packed with nutrients to keep your body balanced with all the right stuff. This superfood is deep blue in color and can been added into baked goodies and smoothies for that much needed oomph. If you're in need of a new smoothie recipe—then try this Blueberry Muffin Smoothie, our hearty Blueberry Oat and Polenta Pancakes, Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins, and our Blueberry Gorgonzola Pizza are to die for!

Purple is creativity and strength. Purple colored foods are rich in antioxidants, they keep you strong and healthy, so your creative mind can keep going. Find this color in beets, berries, radicchio, and more. We recommend you try some of our favorite purple recipes, a Tri Colored Beet Tart, or Tuna and White Bean Radicchio Wraps, our refreshing Berry Popsicles and Blueberry Icebox Cake.

We at Colavita, hope you try some of these colorful recipes! And don't forget to live as you eat—in color! Stay tuned for more delicious recipes!

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