Anda Bhurji

By • November 06, 2018

Celebrated by millions of people all over the world every autumn, Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The festival spans over five days, coinciding with the Hindu lunar calendar and generally falls between the end of October to early November.

The third day is the darkest night and the most important. It’s believed that the goddess Lakshmi enters the home and blesses it with wealth and good fortune. On this day, people light candles and fill the streets with sparklers and fairy lights. After worship, families come together to exchange gifts.

What better way to end a dark night then with a fabulous breakfast?

Anda Bhurji is just that. It’s similar to scrambled eggs, but so much more! Traditionally, Anda Bhurji can be found at street food stalls across India. Perfect for one serving, it’s served in to-go containers with slices of white bread. But it’s also a great family style dish for a group breakfast or brunch. Whipping up a big batch takes a matter of minutes and is a showstopper with flavor from green chili peppers, fresh tomatoes, and a solid combination of spices including turmeric (an anti-inflammatory!), bhaja masala, and bright red chili powder.

This recipe for Anda Bhurji was contributed by our own Colavita employee Bal Menon. Bal is one of Colavita’s Credit Managers and suggested this recipe as an addition to our ever-growing employee and multi-cultural recipe library.

We have to say, Bal is on-trend with this dish. Not only does it check off popular instagrammable hashtags (#putaneggonit), but the Southeast Asian flavors, colors and traditions are in demand when it comes to food.

When making and prepping this dish, keep a few things in mind:

First, make sure you get the right chilis, they look like this:

Green Chilies

They are much thinner than a Jalapeno pepper, and they pack less punch, too. If you can only find Jalapenos, remove the stems and seeds from the pepper so you are not overwhelmed by their heat.

Bhaja Masala can be hard to find if you don’t go to an Indian market (do visit one if there’s one nearby!). You can substitute for garam masala which is easily purchased at many markets.

Maintaining a low heat while you cook the eggs is essential. You really want them to cook slowly. And keep stirring and stirring the whole time for the proper consistency. The eggs will cook slowly, and the texture should be grainy – not like traditional scrambled eggs.

For garnish, don’t forget extra cilantro. But if you happen to hate it, as some people do, a little flat leaf parsley is a nice touch.

For bread, this dish is served with white bread. You can find the proper rolls at an Indian market, but a Brioche roll is a perfect substitute.

I’ve made this dish a few times since I learned how to do it, each time it’s a little different (more spice here… less pepper there…). If you make it, please share your version on social media and tag #colavitaoliveoil. We like to give shout outs to those of you using our products in your home cooking.

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